Our company is a licensed customs broker license # 0514/00 dated 9 November 2012. Our company provides professional services for the whole customs clearance process - from the preliminary preparation of the necessary documents to issuing customs declaration, including electronic declaration, in accordance with the applicable procedures and customs legislation.

Our company has:

  • certified specialists in customs clearance
  • own qualified declarants
  • Personal customer service managers
  • Managers of international transportation

Our company is ready to offer a full range of customs procedures according to customs code of customs union:

  • Import (release of goods for local consumption );
  • export;
  • transit;
  • temporary importation and exportation ;
  • reimport ;
  • re-export;
  • Repair and Return

We also provide related services below:

  • Consultation about customs legislation and foreign-economic activity
  • Preliminary Declaration of Goods
  • Choosing appropriate HS codes based on the description provided by the customer
  • Calculation of the amount of customs duties
  • Preparing required certificates for the delivery (Please find details in section CERTIFICATES)